Advent Calendar

We have put together this digital advent calendar with the aim of bringing us together as a community to celebrate Advent 2020.
We may not not be able to do the things we had hoped or planned to do this year but that doesn't mean we can't still recognise this special season and have fun together. Come back every day to find out what the next activity is.

A Social Network Christmas
It's time to bring out your best Christmas crackers! Share them on social media and tag us on Facebook or Twitter
Spend time Waiting, Hoping and Rejoicing in today's Advent Quiet Day.
If you can't join us for our Christmas Quiz on Zoom, don't worry, there will be Christmas Trivia on Facebook and Twitter today too
Becky and friends have put together a wonderful accessible nativity using Makaton to help share the message. Check it out here
Send a gift anonymously to a friend or drop one off outside a neighbour's door
Although Christmas time is about the birth of Jesus, it's a good idea to remember why He came to earth 
Make a Yule Log or decorate a swiss roll to look like one. Share them on Facebook or Twitter after!
Print out and colour in a nativity scene (perhaps display it in your window after and share it on Facebook or Twitter)
Today is  a day of prayer. Check out the prayer prompts on Twitter/ Facebook and add your own so we can pray together
Wear your Christmas jumper, share a photo on Twitter/ Facebook and donate £2 to Save The Children by texting TEAMUBELONG to 70050
 Check out this bingo card and try to get a full house by taking Christmas photos using the prompts to guide you
Take some time out today to watch a Christmas movie or join us to watch one together at 7:30pm
The 4 Songs of Advent Bible Study Notes
PDF    Word Document
Write a Christmas poem on any festive topic and any length. When you're done, share it with us at
Reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Send them a letter or give them a call and wish them a Happy Christmas!
Join us at 3:30pm for a short Christingle celebration or colour in your own and share it on Facebook or Twitter
This song and puppetry remains a festive favourite for me so I hope you'll enjoy Bethlehemian Rhapsody too!
Have you made paper snowflakes before? Why not try making something more complicated using these guides to help you
Check out some beautiful carols here then head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to try to guess the carols from the letters
Gather stones or pebbles and paint on the different characters in the nativity then put them in a window or by your door
Check out our Facebook or Twitter pages for 'What Am I? Christmas riddles for you to guess througout the day
Film a few seconds of your christmas tree and share it on Twitter or Facebook to be included in our digital Christmas Tree Festival
Head over here from 3pm on this night before Christmas for our special Christmas Eve surprise! 
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Listen to this song and take in the words which remind us ot the true meaning of Christmas.
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