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Meet The Team

Laura the founder and director of YouBelong. She has Long brown hair, she is smiling at the camera.

Founder & Lead

Hello! My name is Laura and I live in rural Norfolk. I set up YouBelong after becoming disabled and feeling isolated from church and wanting to find a community of people like me who 'got it'.  When I am not working on YouBelong activities, I love to read, watch films and spend time with friends and family. 

Chris is a white male. He has a grey beard and moustache, and is wearing glasses. 
He is wearing a green top, of which you can see the top part in the photo.

Core Team Member

Hi, I'm Chris, a househusband and carer. I try to follow Jesus, whilst coping with the frustrations of M.E. God gets me through each day, pointing out amazing stuff, and meeting brilliant people on the way, such as YouBelong. I relax by writing and playing the piano.

This is Alison who is Youbelong safeguarding support.

Safeguarding Support

I'm Ali, I love wildlife, nature, music, animals and children. I'm an auntie to 2 great kids and a teen, owned by a small black cat and into contemplative prayer and all aspects of healing. I have M.E. and PTSD and I'm passionate about building healthy cultures in institutions.

Emma is wearing a black top and a colourful, pastel scarf, draped around her 
neck. She is wearing dark sunglasses and is smiling at the camera.

Core Team Member

My name is Emma and I am a pioneer lay minister, blind wheelchair user, artist, poet and member of YouBelong. I share my artwork and poetry to encourage, bless and affirm people. You can find me online at or on social media at @emmuk74.

A 30 something woman with long, wavy brunette hair, and brown eyes. She is 
wearing a dark top and is sitting on a red sofa. She is looking straight at the 

Core Team Member

Hi, I’m Roxanne, a full time mum and lover of Jesus. I have had an undiagnosed illness since 2019 and have had many frustrations along the way, Jesus has been my hope during this
time. I got involved with YouBelong to pray for others, knowing that God is our anchor and strength.

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